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Meet Arathi

Hi, I'm Arathi.

I’m an executive & spiritual life coach and management consultant who’s committed to your personal and professional development.  

As an executive coach I work with professionals, executives, and organizations to help people elevate their thinking with the intention of becoming better leaders at work, in their community, and at home.

After all, the way you think affects all aspects of life.

By challenging the status quo, my goal is to transform your thinking and empower you with tools to succeed in life and business.

As a management consultant, I conduct workshops and strategy sessions with organizations that are focused on scaling operations. My management expertise is in analyzing processes and evaluating sound solutions for setting up or expanding businesses.

I help companies get organized to ensure they leverage their time and resources in the best possible manner.

In addition to my corporate side, I have always had another side of me that had a deep interest in developing consciousness principles.

I grew up with certain spiritual principles and have studied them in depth in my adult years. I have a passion for helping others in their spiritual journey. As a spiritual life coach, I work with individuals and organizations that want to institute conscious beliefs into their life or business.

I don’t impose my beliefs on my clients.

I help people create clarity on the principles they want to pursue and work with them on applying these beliefs into their daily lives.

Why do businesses seek me out as a coach and consultant?

They want to help their employees:

  • develop their emotional intelligence
  • improve their leadership skills
  • learn conflict management
  • increase productivity

They want to enhance operations by providing better skills in:

  • strategy
  • organization
  • project management
  • reporting
  • streamlining operations

Why do individuals seek me out as a coach?

They are ...

  • overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
  • in transition and are feeling unmotivated or have a lack of confidence in the outcome.
  • feeling lost and want more meaning in their work or life.
  • feeling inadequate in professional or personal development.

Or they want to ...

  • become better leaders and live up to their potential.
  • work on their emotional intelligence.
  • be better at running their business.
  • reach goals they have been unable to achieve.
  • be more productive.
  • motivate those around them.
  • find better ways to communicate and handle conflict at work or in life.
  • make a change in their life but feel stuck.
  • become better at handling stress and anxiety. 
  • create balance.
  • find their happiness.

Have you ever felt this way?

I have, and I want to let you know that real change can happen for you!

I was a workaholic who was stressed all the time.  Even though I was a pretty positive person, I still felt overwhelmed. I was running two businesses and was “successful,” yet, I was burnt out and unhappy. Each new year, I’d make resolutions to change different aspects of my life, and I never followed through with them.

Then one day I hit a wall (figuratively). I’d been craving balance for years, and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I started making small changes in my life, and that included changing my thinking. I’d read books on this before, but I was finally ready to make the change.

I became more aware of my thoughts.

I thought I was a positive person.

However, I realized I had a lot of negative thoughts throughout my days. So, I trained my mind to reframe the way I looked at myself, others, and the experiences I faced. I made small challenges for myself to ensure I stuck to the process.

I changed my focus, and you know what happened?

  • I stressed less about problems and focused on solutions.
  • My business became more profitable.
  • My personal and professional relationships grew deeper.
  • I had less conflict with others.
  • I finally achieved those resolutions.
  • I was more productive.
  • My self-worth and confidence grew.
  • I found my happiness.

Life became easier.

I don't want you to have to hit a wall as I did. You can make changes now.

My mission is to challenge and change thinking by giving you techniques to create EASE in your life and business.

With actionable feedback and the utilization of proven tools, you’ll be able to experience new awakenings through a heightened sense of self-awareness.

Conscious awareness builds confidence, helps identify new solutions, and unlocks the immeasurable power that lies within you!

Are you ready for a change?

Contact me now to get started!

My Personal Philosophy

Here's a little bit about how I live my life... 

I strive to have unconditional love for all beings at all times.

I strive to be kind at all times.

I believe that every person I encounter is my teacher.

I believe that my thoughts create my reality.

I believe all of us are connected to each other.

I believe that every person has good in them.

I believe that to achieve your dreams you must believe in yourself first.

I believe everyone can change.

I believe that my beliefs should be fluid.

My only loyalty is to unconditional love, understanding, and compassion for all.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I wish everyone all the best in life.  

I love you all!


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