Find the Good

Do you believe your thoughts create your reality? If so, what do you complain about often? We think we're positive, but research states that 70% of our thoughts are negative AND we have an average...

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Create Time for You

We all want more time to do the things we love, but we believe that we don't have enough time in a day. Instead of filling our minds with how much time we don't have, let's take back control of...

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Recognize People

This one is pretty simple, but why don't we do this more? A lot of us are happy to end the work week because we're stressed about work. However, imagine if your work environment is filled with the...

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Permission to Fail

It's been about a month since I posted a mindset challenge on social media. Guess what?

I failed. There's a cardinal rule in digital marketing - you need to be consistent with your content. I...

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Turn Compassion to Action

All I want you to do is think about this one and then try it out. The answers you find will be unique to you. 

Shine brighter. 

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See Your Uniqueness

How many of us need to remember how special we are? It sounds cheesy, right?

Well, I have needed to do this on many occasions, and I still practice this challenge when I feel stressed or down....

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Identify the Quality of Your Team

When I give this challenge, I’m not telling you to accept a team environment that is unhealthy. You need to address any issues that should be resolved and decide whether to stay in a...
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See the Beauty in Each Day

If we think something good needs to happen to have a great day, then we’re going to be waiting for a long time. The is because we have trained ourselves to think that something big needs to...
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Create Opportunities from Your Failures

You would be surprised at how many people learn from failures, but never apply what they learned. Successful people fail many times. However, the reason they are successful is that they not only...

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Are Your Actions Aligned with Your Beliefs

Spirituality is such a vague word. What does spirituality mean to you? Do you believe in a higher power, do you think we're all connected, do you believe in a universal encompassing energy? Think...

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