See the Beauty in Each Day

If we think something good needs to happen to have a great day, then we’re going to be waiting for a long time. The is because we have trained ourselves to think that something big needs to...
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Your Future Will be Better than Your Past

This one seems logical, right? Doesn't everyone believe that the future will be better than the past? Honestly, you'll be surprised at how many people don't feel this way. Most of us don't even...

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Being Kind to People We Dislike

Isn’t it easy to be kind to people we like? However, being kind to people we dislike or hate isn’t something we usually do. Showing anger and disgust is simple, but redirecting your...

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Stop Calling People Toxic

We don’t like to call people “illegal,” but we’re fine with calling people “toxic.” Isn’t it demeaning to say someone is poison? How can we be positive...

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You Need to Be Your Own Biggest Fan

We shouldn't care if people support us? You see quotes about surrounding yourself with people that support you and getting rid of others that don't. However, while this seems to make things easy...

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Know Your Positive Triggers

Positive triggers? We are in a world where we're focused on what negatively triggers us. This can be a great tool because we're identifying our emotions. While this is valuable, don't you think...

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You Can't Be a Critical Thinker if Your Beliefs are Static

How do you become a critical thinker if you never allow your beliefs to be swayed? How do we change ourselves if our beliefs stay the same? Doesn't change happen when you start to think...

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Self-Compassion Creates Motivation

It's that time of the year where everyone is making resolutions. Most of us make these resolutions because we think we're not perfect enough. We do it because we believe that there's something...

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Believe There's a Way

How many of you have felt lost, stuck, or didn't know how you were going to get through a situation? I'm sure that all of us have felt this way numerous times in our lives. I have felt all of...

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Balancing Our Emotions is the Balance We Need Most

Why is balance in emotions more important than finding time for your personal and work lives? We all want balance, don't we? For almost two decades I worked too much and craved more time things I...

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