Recognize People

This one is pretty simple, but why don't we do this more? A lot of us are happy to end the work week because we're stressed about work. However, imagine if your work environment is filled with the...

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Identify the Quality of Your Team

When I give this challenge, I’m not telling you to accept a team environment that is unhealthy. You need to address any issues that should be resolved and decide whether to stay in a...
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Create Opportunities from Your Failures

You would be surprised at how many people learn from failures, but never apply what they learned. Successful people fail many times. However, the reason they are successful is that they not only...

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Remind Yourself that You Do Get Things Done

Why look back at your last day? A lot of us start our days off with a long to-do list, and we begin the day overwhelmed. Or we end our days being overwhelmed. Let's change that.

We are overwhelmed...

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Use Your Ability to Empower Your Work Conversations

Don’t we want to go to people to discuss our problems at work? Well yes, but we can make the conversations even better when we discuss solutions. Plus, it’s going to get you far in...

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Reflect on How You Work

Who has the time to reflect on our work? I know we're busy, but there's always room to be better at our work. If we don't take time to assess how we work, then we're missing out on opportunities....

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Believe You Always Get the Job Done

I practice this challenge almost EVERY DAY. I realized that when I focus on how much I need to get done, I am taking myself out of the moment of what I need to do now. Plus it keeps me feeling...

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See Where Your Learning Takes You

Why don't we look at learning as a fun thing in life? Think of how you like to get a new tech gadget. It's fun to start using a new gadget because it makes our lives easier in some way. Think of...

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Write Down Your Work Accomplishments

Take time to write down what you accomplished at work in 2018. Think about the projects you completed, the people you helped, how creative you were, how reliable you were, the efficiencies you...

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Your Mind Needs to Recharge

Since many of you are going to be on vacation next week, I thought I would give this challenge for all the workaholics out there. I know that some of you may need to work while on vacation, but...

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