Make Your Reaction a Reflection of Your Higher Power

Do you react to someone from a place of fear, hurt, anger, or insecurity? Or do you respond from a place of inner peace and kindness?

Use this challenge to increase your kindness.

Life is easier...

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Use Creativity to Make a Task Fun

I’m listening to 90’s Dancehall while I’m writing this, and I’m having a good time. Writing challenges is not a mundane task for me, but sometimes I don’t feel like...

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Use Self-Compassion to Create Motivation

I know it seems like self-compassion is self-indulgence. We’ve been taught that being harsh with ourselves will make us change. However, it’s quite the opposite. When we ridicule...

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Humility Comes with Confidence

I know, I haven’t done a mindset challenge in a while. I keep failing at doing them consistently. I have some excuses as to why I haven’t done them, but basically, I haven’t...

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Stop Pushing Through Problems

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

Conventional wisdom keeps telling us to keep pushing through our issues. The problem is that when we do this, we don't acknowledge where we are and we don't deal with our emotions. When we don't...

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Spotlight People's Goodness

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2019

The past couple of days I've had some negative thoughts swirling in my head. I knew I needed to pivot to something positive. There are several things in my life I can think about, but, I had...

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Instead of Condemnation Focus on Solutions

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019

Is your goal to fix a problem or to reprimand someone for a mistake? What's better for your team and for business?

When you use encouragement, patience, and self-awareness (we've all made...

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Bless the Adversity In Your Life

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

I know a lot of people that are going through some tough times right now. It's hard to feel grateful for stressful situations, and I don't want to downplay the seriousness and the hardships people...

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Worry is the Opposite of Faith

What's worrying you? Worry does nothing for the situation you're thinking about, and you drain your own energy in the process. PLUS, it's the opposite of having true faith.

I realized this when I...

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Keep Eye Contact

This makes us feel heard, understood, and appreciated, right? It makes us feel good, so let's bestow that same feeling on others.

When you practice making eye contact, you're...

- in the moment

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