Know Your Positive Triggers

Positive triggers? We are in a world where we're focused on what negatively triggers us. This can be a great tool because we're identifying our emotions. While this is valuable, don't you think...

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Listen to People's Voices

I know, everyone loves to text. If you know me well, then you know I don't like to have serious conversations over text. There have been many times when people misunderstand or try to figure out...

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See Where Your Learning Takes You

Why don't we look at learning as a fun thing in life? Think of how you like to get a new tech gadget. It's fun to start using a new gadget because it makes our lives easier in some way. Think of...

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You Can't Be a Critical Thinker if Your Beliefs are Static

How do you become a critical thinker if you never allow your beliefs to be swayed? How do we change ourselves if our beliefs stay the same? Doesn't change happen when you start to think...

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Express Your Appreciation to Your Higher Power

We want to move forward, right? Before we do let’s be thankful for another year. With the new year, I see so many posts going after all these new changes that everyone wants to make. It's...

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Acknowledge Your Achievements

It’s the beginning of the new year, but I want you to see your achievements from your last year. You owe it to yourself. That's why I made the work challenge and the life challenge about...

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Write Down Your Work Accomplishments

Take time to write down what you accomplished at work in 2018. Think about the projects you completed, the people you helped, how creative you were, how reliable you were, the efficiencies you...

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Self-Compassion Creates Motivation

It's that time of the year where everyone is making resolutions. Most of us make these resolutions because we think we're not perfect enough. We do it because we believe that there's something...

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Activate Your Higher Selves

Since it's the season of giving, let's actually think about how the universe would want us to help out someone close to us. We have our ideas of how we can help. However, when we think about it...

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Help People Recognize their Strengths

A lot of us will be meeting up with friends and family this week, and a lot of us dread some of those conversations. We don't want to be criticized, and we don't want to have convos with those...

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