Use Your Ability to Empower Your Work Conversations

Don’t we want to go to people to discuss our problems at work? Well yes, but we can make the conversations even better when we discuss solutions. Plus, it’s going to get you far in...

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Stop Calling People Toxic

We don’t like to call people “illegal,” but we’re fine with calling people “toxic.” Isn’t it demeaning to say someone is poison? How can we be positive...

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Love Yourself Unconditionally as the Higher Power Loves You

It's hard looking at our faults, isn't it? Most of us don't want to see the not so great sides of us. It's scary. However, it doesn't have to be. Instead of running away from the mirror, look at...

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Reflect on How You Work

Who has the time to reflect on our work? I know we're busy, but there's always room to be better at our work. If we don't take time to assess how we work, then we're missing out on opportunities....

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You Need to Be Your Own Biggest Fan

We shouldn't care if people support us? You see quotes about surrounding yourself with people that support you and getting rid of others that don't. However, while this seems to make things easy...

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Let the Higher Power Shine Through You

Our light is always shining through us, but we can make it even brighter. This doesn't mean that we or anyone else that doesn't shine as bright is somehow less than. It just feels better when we...

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Initiate Small Acts of Love

Today's spiritual challenge is in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and his quote, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." I...

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Don't Be Your Own Hater

How many of you have had moments where you felt bad about yourself when you scrolled through social media? I have, and I still do at times. However, when I do, I put my phone down. I catch that...

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Believe You Always Get the Job Done

I practice this challenge almost EVERY DAY. I realized that when I focus on how much I need to get done, I am taking myself out of the moment of what I need to do now. Plus it keeps me feeling...

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