What Does Spirituality Mean to You

mindsetchallenge Nov 30, 2018

Spirituality is such a vague word. What does spirituality mean to you? Do you believe in a higher power, do you think we're all connected, do you believe in a universal encompassing energy? Think...

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Make a Discussion About Solving a Problem

I know this is a hard one for all of us. We thinking venting will make us feel better but it makes us angrier, and it keeps us focused on the problem. If we want to develop a new mindset, then we...

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Best Way to Start a Meeting

How many of you hate meetings? Well, I used to hate them at times. I had a lot of work to do, and meetings took away time from that. However, think about the energy you bring to the meeting? If...

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The Goal is to Accept Yourself at ALL Moments

Hey everyone, this week I am going to start giving weekly challenges that help you develop your mindset. There will be four posts throughout the week: the first one is a simple reminder or thought...

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A Heathy Heart Needs Positivity

infographics positivity Jun 02, 2018

This infographic explains itself. If you want a healthier life, be positive. Plus it makes life more fun!

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Venting Doesn't Make You Feel Better

How many times have we said, "I need to vent..." We might think that it feels cathartic, but we end up rehashing a story, getting all riled up again, and then feel the same afterward. Now science...

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The Multitasking Illusion

We think we're getting a lot of things done when we're multitasking, but this is an illusion. Like many of you, I like to multitask because I think it's efficient. However, when I learned to focus...

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The Reason Why Nature is Important

Since we celebrated Earth Day on Sunday, this stat is dedicated to nature. It's simple, when you spend time in nature you're happier. Everyone is busy these days, but take short moments to spend...

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A Better Way to Reduce Stress

Self-Compassion is the ability to notice your negative self-talk, stop the criticism, and understand that nobody is perfect, so it's ok if you aren’t either. It means being kinder in the way...

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The Relationship Edge

Since it's the weekend and many of you are spending time with your significant others, I wanted to post this week's infographic as a reminder that our EQ affects our relationships. Not only our...

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