Your Mind Needs to Recharge

Since many of you are going to be on vacation next week, I thought I would give this challenge for all the workaholics out there. I know that some of you may need to work while on vacation, but...

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Believe There's a Way

How many of you have felt lost, stuck, or didn't know how you were going to get through a situation? I'm sure that all of us have felt this way numerous times in our lives. I have felt all of...

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We're All Created from a Higher Power

People often say we shouldn't talk about religion with others or we shy away from sharing our spiritual beliefs. Yes, it can be a daunting conversation because everyone is passionate about their...

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There's Never a Wrong Time for Kindness

How many times do we go about our day and deal with people that annoy us? It may be the drivers on the road, it may be a complaining friend, it may be a stranger at the supermarket, or it may be...

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Build Your Belief in Yourself

Look back at the struggles that you overcame in life. Instead of viewing them as struggles, recognize them as some of your biggest achievements. Write them down. Now, remember that you survived...

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Show Genuine Appreciation at Work

How many of you make it a point to send messages of appreciation? Everyone loves to be appreciated. You don't have to be a boss or manager to recognize the people around. Every one of us should do...

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Balancing Our Emotions is the Balance We Need Most

Why is balance in emotions more important than finding time for your personal and work lives? We all want balance, don't we? For almost two decades I worked too much and craved more time things I...

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Nature Enhances Your Connection

Nature and spirit...they're connected. One can't exist without the other, can it? It's the weekend, so why don't we take a little bit of time to be outside. When I am in nature I feel calmer, and...

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Find Your Strengths

What are some of your strengths that you don't realize you have? Well think about what those close to you would say are your best qualities. It's essential that we recognize our strengths because...

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Build Your Compassion

We all make mistakes, don't we? I can't even begin to count or remember how many times I have made mistakes in relationships with family, friends, or colleagues. Sometimes I forgot important...

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