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Mindset Challenges

I have created mini mindset challenges and inspiration statements for different areas of life. Each week I will post new challenges to this page. They are here to stretch your thinking. Some of them might or might not resonate with you. If they don't, at least ponder the idea. Pick different ones and see if you can conquer the challenge. They're small, however, don't beat yourself up if you aren't able to do it. Treat it as a game! There are only two rules to follow:

Be Gentle with Yourself & Have Fun!

Feel Free to share the page! However, no part of this page may be reproduced in any manner without written permission. © 2018 Arathi Concepts, LLC All Rights Reserved

Challenges are color coded.

Inspiration = Red, Work Challenges = Sea Green, Life Challenges = Yellow, Spirituality Challenges = Fuchsia


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